ATOM Tokyo



ATOM Tokyo is one of Japan's longest running night clubs, directly located center of Shibuya's nightclub district. In it's past,  ATOM Tokyo was popular with girls who dressed in the "Gyaru" style, which meant that very few foreign tourists would visit this club. In 2016, the management at ATOM wanted to remove this image from their club, so they contacted TURNED ON to help rebrand the club's social media profiles.
Our task was to re-design and reposition the club as an amazing nightclub experience for Japanese and international party-goers. 


Content Curation
Facebook Management
Instagram Management
Digital Marketing
Digital Design
Print Design
DJ Bookings


✓ Tripled ATOM's foreign attendance
 ✓ Created ATOM's instagram profile and grew it to 6,000 followers.
✓ Pumped up their facebook from 3,000 Likes to 9,000 Likes
✓ Significant increase in Facebook engagement