TURNED ON launches ENVYME.jp!

After over two years in development, TURNED ON is happy to announce our first web product entitled ENVY ME! An easy to use VIP table reservation (bottle service)  website.


To put it plain and simple, Tokyo’s VIP / Bottle Service system is broken. Prices are vague, guests are overcharged, and there are hidden service charges that appear on the bill suddenly.

We took a close look at how clubs booked their VIP tables and experimented with our own TURNED ON events to see what works for potential VIP table bookers. It turns out, unsurprisingly, that guests prefer listed prices without hidden charges.


With this knowledge, we designed, coded, and worked closely with our night life clients to create ENVY ME. Users can quickly reserve a table from a list of VIP plans for various night clubs with prices clearly listed.  Clubs can also manage these bookings with their admin panel.

Our plans for the future include expanding to Osaka and introducing unique bottle plans with alcohol sponsors.

Visit ENVYME.jp , and start booking now!

Michael Hood