Club Camelot



Club Camelot is a popular nightclub in Shibuya that has been operating for over ten years. Camelot was facing stiff competition from neighboring nightclubs and dwindling numbers. In 2016 TURNED ON was commissioned with managing Camelot's social media profile and re-designing the look and brand of the nightclub. The goal was to increase the daily customer attendance and at the same time appeal to foreign tourists. Camelot has become the must-see nightclub in Shibuya, thanks to a great collaborative effort between our Team and Camelot's management.



Content Curation
Facebook Management
Instagram Management
Digital Marketing
Digital Design
English and Japanese Translations


✓ Doubled Camelot's foreign attendance
 ✓ Grew Camelot's Facebook page to 12,000 Likes
✓ Increased followers on Instagram to 5,000