WARP Shinjuku



WARP Shinjuku is the newest and largest nightclub located in Kabukichō, Shinjuku. This part of town is a popular tourist location, with a large variety of night activities available. TURNED ON was contracted to help advertise the nightclub to travelers. The main goal was to increase the daily customer attendance and at the same time appeal to foreign tourists. Since opening in late 2018, WARP has already become a must-do activity for foreign visitors.



Content Curation
Facebook Management
Instagram Management
Digital Marketing
Digital Design
English and Japanese Translations
Flyer Design
Foreign Targeted Marketing


✓ Double the foreign attendance on weekdays and weekends.
 ✓ Successfully ranked WARP Shinjuku as one of the top 10 activities in Shinjuku via Trip Advisor.
✓ Developed an active community of music fans and travelers through the official Facebook page.